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Whether witty or wise, controversial or charming, shocking or silly, sweet or sassy, provocative or profound, inspiring or infuriating--or any combination of those--Johnny Weir, the three-time U.S. Champion, two-time Olympian, and World medalist figure skater, almost always says something worth quoting whenever he commentates a skating competition, makes a TV appearance, gives an interview, holds a press conference, writes, tweets, or is caught on video. His quotes needed to be collected and shared; hence this blog.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm not a go out and about kind of person. I like middle of the day, hair and makeup, and then I can sleep regularly at night. I'm not a person that was ever in the clubs or intrigued by nightlife or anything. I like having a good bottle of wine at a restaurant in a corner booth--and then go to bed.

[Lu Ann Cahn: This doesn't fit your persona at all.]

I know, and that's why I have a persona I suppose, because I'm very Mary, Mary quite contrary., "Johnny Weir: I'm not a go out and about kind of person" video, outtake from segment broadcast January 13, 2012; posted February 14, 2012; video shot January 19, 2012

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