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Whether witty or wise, controversial or charming, shocking or silly, sweet or sassy, provocative or profound, inspiring or infuriating--or any combination of those--Johnny Weir, the three-time U.S. Champion, two-time Olympian, and World medalist figure skater, almost always says something worth quoting whenever he commentates a skating competition, makes a TV appearance, gives an interview, holds a press conference, writes, tweets, or is caught on video. His quotes needed to be collected and shared; hence this blog.

Friday, October 14, 2011

[Eric Alt: I eat a lot of ketchup and mustard.]

Maybe tutus. Do you see tutus, dancing girls, dancing bears?

[Eric: Yes, I do.]


[Eric: I see clowns.]

Many clown in?

[Eric: So many clowns, and they're in my dreams all the time.]

Do they drive a car?

[Eric: No. They just walk and they have like...]

Do they walk crazy people?

[Eric: They like wobble.]

They wobble?

[Eric: And they have no eyes, their eye's like this, like gone...]

Show me again this.

[Eric: Like this.]

But don't turn your head to me, don't look at me.

[Eric: Like this.]

Why are they like that? Just white eyes?

[Eric: Just white.]

It's like great white shark. Maybe you are afraid of the ocean.
--(as Russian psychotherapist) Johnny Weir and Eric Alt Present Eric Alt-Carnivale (Final Cut) video, introduction to Carnivale: A Fashion Fantasy, October 9, 2011

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